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The following are some of the key highlights of the systems TPP provides.

Activation & Commission

For mobile phone activation, TPP has created a system that assigns each mobile SIM or device to a retailer. Simply enter the SIM or device number into the TPP portal to proceed with the activation. TPP only collects the cost minus the commission due to the retailer. Therefore the retailer gets its commission instantly. This will help the retail channel with cash flow and will remove any ambiguity about payments due

Refill and Autorefill

Activation of a wireless device is only the beginning of the process. In order to provide continuous prepaid wireless service, the customers must refill every month. Meaning consumer has to pay for one month of the service plan. For this purpose, we have created a portal for retailers to “refill” the service meaning to receive payment from consumer and by using our portal which is connected to over 100 national and international wireless service providers the retailer can provide an additional month of service to the consumer. This way consumer can have prepaid wireless service and the retailer receives a commission for every refill based on the percentage of the discount provided by the wireless carrier.

For the consumers that have a bank account or prepaid debit card or credit cards, we have built a system called Autofill. Through AutoRefill consumer can sign up single or multiple devices with multiple wireless service providers using a single account created at This makes it easy for a consumer or small business to manage payment for multiple prepaid services with one account and to be able to have full control.

Autorefill also provides a great system to retailers allowing them to have visibility as how many consumers they have signed up on Autorefill. Retailers will receive a continuous residual payment from TPP for every refill (every time consumer re-charges the service) that takes place on this portal. So in summary AutoRefill facilitates continuous service to the consumer and continuous income to the retailer.

Cable, Internet & Home Phone

For the purpose of processing orders for cable TV and the internet and home phone, we have provided an easy to use portal that directly communicates with the service provider to schedule an installation date for the service for the consumer. Furthermore, throughout this site, the retailer can manage the orders and see the activity of individual salesperson and track the commission that they would receive for each installation. This unique portal has been able to reduce the order taking the process from an average of 45 minutes to less than 10 minutes. Through this portal retailer, time is saved and the consumer is well informed about the latest service plans while receiving a great service. Another example of a win-win system.

XYZies Directory

At TPP, we understand that information is rapidly changing and consumers may not be aware of all the money saving and great features of prepaid wireless and internet, cable tv. So through our directory, we promote services and educate the consumers. Also, we help the consumer to find the retailer near to them so they can get the help they need in person. This also helps to drive more traffic to retail locations providing our services to consumers.

XYZies instant incentive system for sales reps

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TPP management has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. We understand that the marketing material presented at the retail location take valuable space and therefore must have great results in a glance to entice the consumer to trust the retailer and ask for the services. So the marketing material we provide to our retail partners is tailored to do exactly that. We emphasis on Authorized Retailer, and great services with most saving for the consumer.

We design and custom make posters, flyers, banners and digital marketing material for our retail partners to help them with marketing material that can result in sales.

24×7 Shopping Cart

Our E-Commerce site is designed for easy 24×7 access by retailers. Pictures, information about the products and collaterals to order all are available for our retail partners to order when is convenient for them.


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