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Wholesale Cell Phones

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Wholesale Cell Phones & Smartphones


The Preferred Prepaid carries a variety of T-Mobile Monthly 4G and Simple Mobile phones. All Prepaid T Mobile cell phones or smart phones that are available to the public are offered to you at wholesale prices. We also have special deals on certain T-Mobile Prepaid phones that we targeted as great phones to sell with  T-Mobile Monthly 4G SIM Cards.


 T-Mobile Prepaid Phones


nokia 1610 t mobile prepaid Wholesale Cell Phones

We have an extensive supply of T-Mobile Prepaid Phones wholesale that come in Branded Retail Ready packaging that would look great in your store.  This is a strongly constructed box with professional looking images of the phone included in the packaging.  On the box it also promotes T-Mobile Monthly 4G plans to try and entice your customers to purchase the cell phone or smartphone and activate a T-Mobile Monthly Account.


Simple Mobile Phones


All T-Mobile prepaid phones will work seamlessly with Simple Mobile.  At this time Simple Mobile does not have their own branded phone wholesale available for resale but when they do start offering these phones, we will carry them.  If your customers come in requesting Simple Mobile phones please instruct them to purchase a T-Mobile phone or any GSM Unlocked phone.  We have an extensive supply of T-Mobile and Unlocked GSM Cell Phones and Smartphones that are used, factory refurbished and new.  Please contact us for our current phone wholesale price list.


Wholesale Apple iPhones


The Preferred Prepaid is your premier source for Apple iPhones.  We carry carrier returns, factory refurbished, A-Stock, B-Stock and C-Stock Apple iPhones.  We have a 60 day return policy on all Apple iPhones.


Apple iPhones
Apple iPhone 3g 8gb Apple iPhone 4 16gb (black & white)
Apple iPhone 3g 16gb Apple iPhone 4 32gb (black & white)
Apple iPhone 3gs 8gb (black & white) Apple iPhone 4s 16gb (black & white)
Apple iPhone 3gs 16gb (black & white) Apple iPhone 4s 32gb (black & white)
Apple iPhone 3gs 32gb (black & white) contact us for more information…


 Wholesale Cell Phones & Smartphones


wholesale cell phones Wholesale Cell Phones

In addition to carrying Prepaid  T-Mobile Cell Phones and Apple iPhones, we have a wide variety of  cell phones wholesale.  Cell Phones and Smartphones for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile.  Manufacturers include HTC, Motorola, Apple, LG, Samsung, and BlackBerry. We have phones to meet all of your needs.  Low priced cell phones and the latest and greatest smartphones.  


We have a wide selection of cell phones and smartphones.  Contact us for more information.

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