VIP Free SIM Card Offer

VIP Free SIM Card Offer

Free SIM Card

Free SIM Cards Offer1 VIP Free SIM Card Offer

The Preferred Prepaid VIP Program Members will be offered free SIM Cards  for 12 months. And don’t worry about lacking of free SIM Cards, for our system knows how many SIM Cards you have activated and we will automatically ship a new batch of unlimited free SIM Cards to you month after month. If 30 of your 40 SIM Cards are activated, we will then ship a new batch of 40 SIM Cards to you so you will have enough SIM Cards to offer the VIP Program Members. 


Our Unlimited Free SIM Card Offer is the best in the industry.


Free T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Cards


It’s normal that you will be charged by other Master Agents for SIM Cards but it’s clear that you are not happy with a fee of $4 to $5 for your SIM Cards, right?


Join the Preferred Prepaid and you will be satisfied with our prepaid wholesale sim cards and free sim cards offer,Big Profit1 VIP Free SIM Card Offer which is our benefit to our VIP Premium Dealers. Our offered free sim cards has retail value ranging from $10 to $30 and you can earn big profits from selling these sim cards to your customers. You will have them for free.


Become a T Mobile Prepaid Dealer and let The Preferred Prepaid make you happy with free sim cards offer.


VIP  SIM Cards are special and only available to VIP Customers


The Preferred Prepaid created our VIP Free SIM cards offers with the purpose of making our dealers’ job simpler. We assure that you will still earn residual and commissions whether you want to activate the sim cards online, via our VIP portal or give the  free sim card offer to customers so they can do the activation via our call center.


The Preferred Prepaid is your source for prepaid wireless refills through our industry exclusive The Pin Portal. We make the activation process much simpler by putting the starter kit into the actual sim card, hence taking out the starter kit and it won’t take you too much time and effort to do activation.

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