The Preferred Prepaid

The Pin Portal


Get the discounts you deserve!

  • Online Web Portal with access to all the major prepaid carriers’ refill pins
  • Most competitive discount rates on refills
  • Generate prepaid pins instantly with access to $5000 daily line of credit
  • Multi-tier compensation program for Wholesalers/ Distributors and retailers
  • Incentives and loyalty reward program for customers to sign-up
  • Easy as log-in, buy pins and log out
  • Backed by full support team and secured by VeriSign and

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Instant Prepaid-Pin Purchase

Become a Prepaid Wireless Dealer and get access to over 40 Prepaid Carriers available to refill. Use The Pin Portal for instant prepaid pin purchasing. Our portal has access to T-Mobile Prepaid Pins, Simple Mobile Pins, and many many more. We have some of the highest commissions in the industry up to 20%. Industry exclusive access to AutoRefill and the ability to lock your customers in long term. We give you 24 hour access to our prepaid refills portal. We will award you up to a $15,000 refill Line of Credit.

Wireless & International PIN Refill

As an authorized reseller of the pin-less products you will earn up to 20% of the amount that you sell. Key is to set up customers on auto-recharge so that they get charged every month and you make residual income monthly.


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Discount Rates up to 20%

The Pin Portal the highest commissions for all prepaid carriers. We give our customers VIP rates that cannot be matched with any other portal. Become a Prepaid Wireless Dealer with The Preferred Prepaid and offer new services to your offerings.


Sign up customers on Auto Refill and make recurring commission every month!
AutoRefill allows retailers to make money over and over again. You have to fight for new customers each day, and then you lose revenue when they move or go somewhere else for refill or when they get a text and signup on line.
With AutoRefill, you only have to secure a customer once. Signup the customer with The Pin Portal AutoRefill then you keep on making profit; not just once but as long as that customer Auto Refills!


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