Port Phone Number to T-Mobile Prepaid


People tend to switch from one carrier to the better one but are not willing to change their phone numbers. Your customers may have the same requirements, so activating T-Mobile Monthly 4G is often related to transferring your customer’ s current number to T-Mobile Prepaid. T-Mobile Prepaid Port Number process is quite simple with 2 steps.  


The Preferred Prepaid has done many things to simplify the T-Mobile Prepaid Port Number steps, but below is the only way you can do to port a phone number to T-Mobile Prepaid. When you become a T-Mobile dealer you will certainly have to port phone numbers to T-Mobile prepaid. Here is how you do it.


How do you Port Phone Number to T-Mobile Prepaid?


Here are two steps that you must follow :


1. The SIM Card must be activated on  the VIP Portal FIRST to receive a temporary number.


2. Call T-Mobile Monthly 4G Customer Service at 877 778-2106 to require them to port the number.



T Mobile Prepaid Port Number Porting Numbers to T Mobile

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