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The Preferred Prepaid helps you activate T-Mobile prepaid monthly 4G fast and easily by offering you understandable step-by-step instruction so that you will finish the whole process to activate T-mobile pre-paid in just a few minutes. When you become The Preferred Prepaid dealer and have a VIP Portal Login, we will supply you with T-Mobile Prepaid activation code.


After logging into the VIP Portal, just follow these simple T-Mobile activation steps:


Step 1:


Put the SIM card in front of you so you can easily see the T mobile prepaid activation code on the VIP Portal.


Step 2:


Use your username and password that our VIP Support Team provided and log into the VIP Portal from your computer.


Step 3:


Click on the ACTIVATION tab on the left tabs and begin the T-Mobile activation steps using the T-Mobile Prepaid Activation Code.


Step 4:


You can either click on the T-Mobile tab under the Activation tab or click on the T-Mobile logo right at the top of the screen.


Step 5:


Input the SIM card number, then click Verify SIM and when you see “SIM Verified, SIM purchased on…” appear, press OK.


Step 6:


Fill up the blank boxes saying Customer Name, Email, Date of Birth and PassCode (passcode can be made 1234 for easy remember)


Step 7:


Select the Voice Rate Plan as your customer’s requirement


Step 8:


Press DO NOT ACCEPT on the address disclosure


Step 9:


Choose the Area Code and City Name as well as the language that your customer want. The Coupons section  of this screen is for inserting your pin (if any).


Wait for a minute for a small green displaying all the necessary information for the SIM card appear. You can either print it out by  highlighting the data in the box and right clicking to print the information or write all the info down so you can fill the phone number with  a pin or with RTR.


Step 10:


Use our RTR system under the Pin Portal / Refill tab to attach the amount  of pin money to the activated phone number.


Now you have successfully utilized a T-Mobile Prepaid activation code to activate T-Mobile prepaid service.

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