Simple Mobile Dealer Portal

Simple Mobile Dealer Portal

Simple Mobile Dealer Portal


Partner with The Preferred Prepaid To Enjoy Simple Mobile Master Dealer Perks!


The Preferred Prepaid is the leading source of Simple Mobile Prepaid wholesale pins. Become a Simple Mobile dealer to enjoy the privileges of selling Simple Mobile Prepaid refill cards to your customer-base. The Preferred Prepaid offers the most competitive rates in the wireless industry. By becoming our partner, you will be allowed to access the VIP Portal that will help you to gain more customers which will definitely give more profit for your business.


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VIP Portal for Simple Mobile Master Dealers


The Preferred Prepaid gives Simple Mobile dealers access to its VIP portal. The portal will guide you to activate Simple Mobile prepaid SIM cards by following easy, customized steps. This can be done in less than an hour!


The Simple Mobile Prepaid Pin portal, do more than just allow you to sell Simple Mobile Prepaid refill cards because it will also allow you to access pin refills for over 25 variety of prepaid carriers. This can only mean reaching out to a whole new customer base and better flow of revenue for your business!


The Preferred Prepaid Simplifies Success!


Sign up to Become a Simple Mobile Dealer and experience how success can be achieved easily by partnering with the Preferred Prepaid!


Follow these simple steps to log into Simple Mobile Dealer Portal:


1. Go to your browser from your computer using Internet Explorer. You should remember to allow pop-ups for this site as well


2. Type in your username and password, then click “Sign In”


The two-step process will allow you to successfully log in to the Simple Dealer Portal. The Simple Mobile Dealer Portal will serve as your guide to activate Simple Mobile PINS for your customers.


Simple Mobile Dealer Login

After successfully logging in the Simple Mobile site, click on the LOGIN button. You will see the Simple Mobile Dealer Login appear on the screen. Here you will see yourself listed either as a Master Agent, a Distributor or a Dealer.


  • Master Agent login is created by Simple Mobile corporate
  • Distributor login is created by the Master Agent
  • Simple Mobile Dealer login is created by the Distributor or the Master Agent

It’s important to know the Simple Mobile dealer login process because this will allow you to create simple mobile dealer login for the people under your hierarchy.


Here are the simple steps to create a simple dealer login:


Step 1:

Click on the LOGIN button and choose “New Users”.


Step 2:

Enter the user’s name and store name in the pop-up window


Step 3:

Create new username with email format and password


Step 4:

Click “Role” on the dropdown menu, and then choose the role applicable for the new user.  When you are done, click “Save”.


You have successfully created a Simple Mobile dealer login for new user.


Simple Mobile Dealer Support

Knowing who to contact or where to go when in need of support is always good. As a Simple Mobile dealer, it is very convenient to find help when having trouble, attend to customers’ needs professionally, and be spared from getting embarrassed. The instructions below will show you how the Simple Mobile dealer support would be crucial for you to become more confident when attending to the requirements of your business.


Click the HELP button on the Simple Mobile screen to access the help page. On the help page, you will find useful links including: Unlimited ILD Coverage Tool, Simple Mobile website, Simple Mobile dealer portal. It is also the page where you will find the email address to contact Simple Mobile dealer support for all of your questions relating to your dealer:, as well as  24/7 dealer support phone line and 24/7 customer service line.


Simple Mobile Page Simple Mobile Dealer Portal

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