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Xtreme Mobile Pins

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Join the Preferred Prepaid as a dealer of Xtreme Mobile Pins to enjoy these benefits:


  • 24/7 All-In-One Web Portal: The Pin PortalXtreme Mobile Logo Xtreme Mobile Pins
  • Up to $15,000 line of credit available
  • Exclusive use of AutoRefill to lock in residuals
  • Competitive discount rates on all Xtreme Mobile Pins


The Preferred Prepaid is your trusted source for Xtreme Mobile wholesale pins for you to offer Xtreme Mobile wholesale refill cards to your customers. We offer Xtreme mobile pins with the most competitive rates in the industry.  Aligning yourself with this “up and coming” brand will bring in more customers and more money to your bottom line. You will surely gain greater profit by offering Xtreme Mobile pins for refills.


Become a Prepaid Wireless Dealer with The Preferred Prepaid and gain access to our all-in-one Pin Portal. The Pin Portal allows Xtreme Mobile pin dealers to access Xtreme Mobile wholesale refill cards, but it also includes pin refills for 25+ other carriers.  This will widen your access to a whole new customer base and will bring in new revenue streams.


Xtreme Mobile

Not boasting about providing numbers of plan like many other carriers, Xtreme Mobile, which is a small company offering prepaid service for cell phone founded in White Plains, New York in 2004, choose to attract their customers by simple and easy-to-use plans, with the assurance of high-quality calls.


Calls made through Xtreme Mobile have the best quality as they are transferred via Sprint PCS Network. To add more satisfaction to their customers, Xtreme Mobile minutes never perish.


Xtreme Mobile is one of the straightforward carriers in which everything is straightly expressed in each plan. Choosing Xtreme Mobile Pins is like never ever having to worry about hidden charges that are often experienced in other carriers.


Xtreme Mobile Network and Service – No matter what questions you have or what problem you face regarding the use of Xtreme Mobile Pins, just call our customer service via phone or email and you will surely be satisfied with our helpful answers and solutions.


Xtreme Base Plan – With denominations starting from $10 to $50, you can talk, text and surf the web all night and during weekends for a whole month. Besides, it will just cost you 15 cents per minute during daytime or weekday.  The Preferred Prepaid offers Xtreme Mobile Pins for all of Xtreme Mobile plans available.


Xtreme Presto Plan – With this plan, you can have all of services in Xtreme Base Plan, plus free talking-push. Those who want to simplify prepaid use can choose to pay $1 per day for unlimited talking with friends who also use Xtreme Mobile Pins. Sign-Up to offer prepaid pins and Xtreme Mobile Pins to your customers.


Great features from Xtreme Mobile:


  • Simple and straightforward plans
  • No annual contract or credit check require
  • Free roaming for calls within Sprint PCS network
  • Free long distance calls
  • Voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling
  • Customer care available all the time
  • Unlimited call and text for weekends and nights
  • Message – 10 cents per message
  • Directory support – 411: $1.95 per call, plus airtime


Payment Options – You can shop online via Xtreme Mobile website or at an Xtreme Mobile retailer to refill your account. Xtreme Mobile’s autopay also allows you to have your account refilled without your confirmation.

Xtreme Mobile Wholesale Pins

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The Preferred Prepaid is your premier supplier of Xtreme Mobile Pin refills. We have a simple all-in-one portal for Xtreme mobile wholesale pins dealer that makes it easy to get customers in and out quickly.  The Pin Portal is very convenient, simple, ans easy-to-use solution to offer prepaid wholesale sim cards and Xtreme Mobile wholesale refill cards to your customers.


Become a Xtreme Mobile Dealer and gain more profit from the Xtreme Mobile pins offered at your store.

Price Talk Text Nights and Weekends Data
$50 15 cents/minute 10 cents/message Unlimited  
$25       150MB
$20 15 cents/minute 10 cents/message Unlimited  
$10 15 cents/minute 10 cents/message Unlimited  

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