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STI Mobile


Being a member of Telco Group Inc., STI Mobile is a branch of STI Prepaid, LLC, a company located in New York with 80 years experience in the telecom industry. Using the Sprint PCS network , STI Mobile is the pioneer in providing prepaid service for cell phones and assures to bring great-quality calls at very reasonable prices for the users of STI Mobile pins. With the options on STI Mobile’s plans, you can easily choose the most suitable option that both fit your budget and satisfy your demands.


Tons of Great Phones to Choose 


Right after signing up with STI Mobile, chances to possess great phones with colored screens, web browsing function, speaker and camera can be yours. Great phones going with super-duper services are waiting for you at STI Mobile.


STI Mobile Network and Service


You can call 611, our toll-free number from your STI Mobile or email your questions to We are available from 8am to 1am Monday to Sunday and assure that your questions will be fully answered within 24 hours.


STI Easy 8.9 cents Plan


With this plan, you only have to pay 8.9 cents only for each talking minute you consume anytime and you only have to shoulder an added fee of 9 cents per day.


STI Easy 7.9 cents Plan


Pay a small fee of 25 cents per day and you can enjoy talking anytime for just 7.9 cents per minute.


STI Xtra Talk 7pm Plan


This plan offers you unlimited talking at nights, which starts at 7pm, and weekends for a period of one month for $28.99 only. Each of your daytime and weekday minutes will only cost you 15 cents. 


STI Xtra Talk 9pm Plan


If you just need unlimited talking from 9pm only, then you can save money with this plan. It provides unlimited nights starting at 9pm and weekends for $24.99 only. For daytime and weekday talk, you only have to pay 20 cents per minute. 


The Preferred Prepaid offers STI Mobile Pins for all of STI Mobile plans available. Sign-Up to offer prepaid pins and STI Mobile Pins to your customers.


Here are reasons to choose STI Mobile:


  • No deposit, no contracts and no credit checks
  • Free long distance calls
  • International and national calls at reasonable rates
  • Professional customer care
  • Message – 5 cents per received/sent message
  • Directory support – 411: 79 cents per call, plus airtime



Payment Options


Our denominations ranging from $10 to $50 can be purchased at our STI Mobile pins retailers all over the country.


STI Mobile Wholesale Pins


sign up now STI Mobile Pins

The Preferred Prepaid is your premier supplier of STI Mobile Pin refills. We have a simple all-in-one portal that makes it easy to get your customers in and out quickly.  The Pin Portal is a very convenient, simple, and easy-to-use solution to offer prepaid wholesale sim cards and STI Mobile wholesale refill cards to your customers with ease.


Become a STI Mobile Dealer and offer STI Mobile pins to your customers at your store.


Price Talk Text Nights and Weekends
$29.99/month 15cents/minute 5cents/text Unlimited
$24.99/month 20cents/minute 5cents/text Unlimited
25cents/day 7.9cents/minute 5cents/text  
9cents/day 8.9cents/minute 5cents/text  

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STI Mobile Coverage Map STI Mobile Pins

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