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The Preferred Prepaid is the trusted source for Spoof Card wholesale pins. We will make it simpler for you to offer Spoof Card wholesale refill cards to your customers. We also offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry so you can enjoy greater income.  


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Become a Prepaid Wireless Dealer with The Preferred Prepaid and gain access to our all-in-one Spoof Card wholesale pin portal, The Pin Portal. The Pin Portal offers Spoof Card wholesale refill cards as well as pin refills for 25+ other carriers.  This gives you access to a whole new customer base and will bring in new revenue streams.


Spoof Card: Fun with disguising


By understanding the demands of having exceptional products to go with cell phones and the thought that the motionless telecom industry can only be regenerated by making a remarkable product available, Teltech developed a leading-edge tool for cell phones, the Spoof Card. It allows cell phone users to disguise themselves as another when making call. With Spoof Card, users can use a fake number to replace their caller ID, make up their voices so that the others won’t recognize them, as well as record the talk for backup.


Let’s take a bold look at the attractive features of SpoofCard.


Caller ID Spoofing


This is a Spoof card feature that will allow you to be whoever you want when making calls to your friends. Caller ID Spoofing allows you to replace your caller ID with your desired number so that the receivers will think that the call is from someone else.


Disguise your voice


Disguising your voice to remain anonymous among your friends is always fun, and I think in some cases, you disguise your voice when making call because of some purposes. Spoof cards disguise your voice function will help you do that effortlessly by turning your voice into a man or woman’s voice depending on your choice.


Record your calls


 You will never ever have to regret missing the details of your talks with Spoof Card’s record your calls. With this feature, your phone calls will be fully recorded for future use. You won’t really have to worry about losing precious information anymore!


Spoof Card Network and Service


Spoof Mobile pins can be used almost everywhere around the world. When you have questions about our service, just feel free to email us via our website and we will  make sure that your queries will be answered sooner than you expected.


Payment Options


New Spoof Card pins can be bought online or from any of our  Spoof Card retailers.


Spoof Card Wholesale Pins


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The Preferred Prepaid is your premier supplier of prepaid pins and Spoof Card Pin refills. We have a simple all-in-one portal which makes it easier to get your customers in and out quickly.  The Pin Portal is very convenient, simple, and easy-to-use solution to offer prepaid wholesale sim cards and Spoof Card wholesale refill cards to your customers. 


Become a Spoof Card Dealer to let your customers enjoy the benefits from using Spoof Card pins!


Price Credits (Minutes)
$299.95 2500 Minutes
$79.95 560 Minutes
$19.95 130 Minutes
$9.95 60 Minutes
$4.95 25 Minutes

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