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  • Competitive discount rates on all H2O PinsH2O Unlimited Logo H2O Pins
  • Up to $15,000 line of credit available
  • Exclusive use of AutoRefill to lock in residuals
  • 24/7 All-In-One Web Portal: The Pin Portal


The Preferred Prepaid is the trusted source for H2O wholesale pins. It offers prepaid wireless dealers the privilege to sell H2O wholesale refill cards and H2O unlimited Pins to customers.


The Preferred Prepaid offers some of the most competitive H2O unlimited wholesale pins rates in the industry.  Aligning yourself with this “up and coming” brand will absolutely bring in more customers and more money to your bottom line as a dealer of H2O pins and refills.


Become a Prepaid Wireless Dealer with The Preferred Prepaid and gain access to our all-in-one H2O wholesale pin portal, The Pin Portal. The Pin Portal will not just allow you to gain access on H2O wholesale refill cards, but also pin refills for other 25+ carriers.  This will help you reach out to a whole new customer base and bring in new revenue streams for your business.


H2O Unlimited Wireless


H2O Unlimited Wireless, which was called O2 Wireless before, is a division of a company located in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, Locus Telecommunications, Inc. Thanks to its hundred thousands of retailers across the US, H2O promises to bring up-to-date technology for H2O unlimited pins users, reliable services with exceptional products as we have done so far and all of these benefits can be gained with no contract requirement, no roaming or activation fee. All long distance calls made using H2O Unlimited Pins are also free of extra charge.


Widest Options on Phones


H2O Wireless wants to offer customers the privilege to own different kinds of cell phones from various companies so we made sure that  cell phones, ranging from the simple entry-level up to advanced or smart phones from big brands such as Motorola, Samsung, Nokia or Pantech will be available for all the users of H2O unlimited pins.  Feel free to choose the phone that best suits your requirements.


H2O Unlimited Wireless, be free all the time


Many of you may find single-plan services so boring because they don’t fit your active life at all. H2O Wireless understands that, so we made sure that you will enjoy the freedom that you want from a wireless plan whether you choose plans like Pay-as-you-go and Unlimited plans that you can use by simply becoming a user of  H2O unlimited pins.


H2O Network and Service


Our professional and deliberate customer service representatives are available during working hours. Anytime you need assistance about H2O unlimited pins, you can easily reach us through our toll-free  number or you can send us an email via our website.


Pay-As-You-Go Plans


 Anytime you run out of your minutes, you can conveniently buy H2O unlimited prepaid pins refill card at an H2O Wireless retailing store. We have the denominations that you prefer starting from $10 for 30 day consumption and 80 minutes of airtime. The Preferred Prepaid offers H2O Pins for all H2O Wireless Plans.


Unlimited Plans


H2O Wireless allows you to talk and text at anytime of the day, to anyone you like and anywhere you want with our very low-rate prepaid plans. It’s time for you to say goodbye to headache and unexpected phone bills at the end of each month with H2O Wireless Unlimited plans. H2O Unlimited Pins are available with The Preferred Prepaid all-in-one portal.


H2O Unlimited Wireless brings you:


  • Reliable, simple and easy-to-use plans
  • High-speed internet
  • Widespread scope
  • No annual contracts, no activation fee and no hidden fees
  • Voicemail, caller ID, call waiting
  • Easy-to-contact and professional customer service

H2O Wholesale Pins

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The Preferred Prepaid is your premier supplier of prepaid pins and H2O Pin refills. We have a simple all-in-one portal that makes it easy to get your customers in and out quickly.  The Pin Portal is very convenient, simple, and easy-to-use solution to nake the task of prepaid wholesale sim cards and H2O wholesale refill cards to your customers a lot simpler. Become a H2O Dealer to offer H2O unlimited pins to your customers at your store.

Price Talk Text International call Data
$50 Unlimited Unlimited Free $20 250MB
$40 Unlimited Unlimited Free $20  


H2O Unlimited Coverage Map

H2O Unlimited Coverage Map H2O Pins

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