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The Preferred Prepaid is your trusted source for Boost Mobile wholesale pins for you to offer Boost Mobile wholesale refill cards to your customers. We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Aligning yourself with this “up and coming” brand will bring in more customers and more money to your bottom line by offering Boost Mobile pins for refills.


Become a Prepaid Wireless Dealer with The Preferred Prepaid and gain access to our all-in-one Boost Mobile wholesale pin portal, The Pin Portal. Not only does The Pin Portal offer Boost Mobile wholesale refill cards, it also includes pin refills for 25+ other carriers. This gives you access to a whole new customer base and will bring in new revenue streams.

Why Boost Mobile?


Boost Mobile is a division of Sprint and works mostly basing on Sprint’s CDMA network. Not only Boost Mobile has extension promotion for its monthly unlimited users, this carriers also has many phones with rich features like color screen and downloadable ringtone that are suitable for active and young people.


In addition to providing good phones, Boost Mobile also have many reasonable plans so that its users can choose accordingly. The Boost Mobile Unlimited Plans, which includes Unlimited Plan, Android Monthly Unlimited and BlackBerry Monthly Unlimited, are perfect for those who don’t want to worry about overuse of minutes. Aside from these plans, there is also the Pay-as-you-go plan, in which users just pay for what they talk at a very reasonable rate of 20 cents per minute.


Professional customer service that can be easily reached by a toll free number or email is also a plus that makes Boost Mobile attractive.


Boost Mobile make its users happy by providing them:


  • No annual contract and no credit check
  • Wide coverage
  • No roaming charge for calls within Boost Mobile network
  • Voicemail, Call Waiting, 3-way calling and Caller ID
  • Willing and skillful customer service
  • Roaming, messaging and international calling
  • Directory assistance – 411 and More: $1.29 per call, plus airtime


Payment Options


Boost Mobile’s target is to bring its customer the most convenience, so Boost Mobile refill cards and Boost Mobile pin refills can be purchased directly online or at any dealer around the US.


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The Preferred Prepaid assures you that we are your trusted supplier of prepaid wholesale sim cards and Boost Mobile Pin refills. Our Pin Portal will help you offer prepaid pins and Boost Mobile wholesale refill cards to your customers more quickly and conveniently. Besides, you can also get customers in and our quickly with our uncomplicated all-in-one portal.


Join us today to become a Boost Mobile dealer to provide your customers with Boost Mobile pins and share benefit with us.


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