T-Mobile Refill Steps – How to refill T-Mobile Prepaid?


The Preferred Prepaid brings the most convenient solutions for dealers to handle the needs of their customers effectively. One of the solutions that will surely bring in more customers to your store is by equipping you with the knowledge on how to refill T-Mobile prepaid to save time and effort in meeting the requirements of T-Mobile refills.

 t mobile prepaid logo1 T Mobile Refill Steps

You can conveniently offer T-Mobile refill cards , via the Pin Portal. In
 addition, we also provide a step-by-step instruction so you will know how to refill T-Mobile prepaid card, have your customers’ account refilled successfully, and give them reasons to go back every time they need a T-Mobile prepaid recharge.


Enumerated below are the T Mobile refill steps that will answer the question : How to refill T-Mobile prepaid card?


Step 1:


Go to The Pin Portal and click the “Retailer Login” link.


Step 2:


Input your retailer ID, which is a 4-digit number, your password as well as the number that appears on the image. Set the Cashier Name as “admin”.


Step 3:


Click on “RTR” on the left navigation section when you have logged in.


Step 4:


    • Choose “T-Mobile RTR” from the dropdown list in “Select Card to Recharge” section
    • Input the phone number of the account to be refilled in “Enter Phone # to Recharge” section
    • Click on the “Buy” column to choose the amount you want to recharge in “Select Denomination to Recharge with” section
    • Click “Continue”


Step 5:


Click the “Guest Customer” account button, then click “Continue”.


Step 6:


Review your order information on the “Confirm Your Order” page, if nothing changes, click “Buy Now”.


Step 7:


It will take you to the “Order Confirmation” screen when the order is finished. You will see “Order Status: Completed” at the bottom of the screen.


Now you have known clearly how to refill T-Mobile prepaid and can have your customers’ accounts refilled right away. Contact The Preferred Prepaid now to become a T Mobile Prepaid Dealer .


If you need help to activate  T-Mobile or to obtain a T Mobile Prepaid Activation Code then click here.

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