Free T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Cards

T Mobile Free Sim Card Free T Mobile SIM Cards

When you become a T Mobile dealer with The Preferred Prepaid, we give our VIP Program Members free T-Mobile  sim cards to use for a year. Additionally, when you active more and more  T-Mobile prepaid sim cards, we will send you a new batch of free T-Mobile sim cards so you will never lack of T-Mobile sim cards. When our system sees that your store just has 10 T-Mobile sim cards left, we will automatically send you a new batch of 40 sim cards right away.


Our VIP Premium Dealers can also get free T-Mobile prepaid sim cards or  T-Mobile monthly 4G sim cards. These T-Mobile sim cards have value of $10, $20 or $30 and can bring you big profit for selling them to your customers


You can earn residual and commissions by activating the free T-Mobile sim cards, which are offered to VIP customers. Activating a  T-Mobile sim cards  can be made easily online or through our call center.


T-Mobile Prepaid Marketing Materials

Not only our VIP Premium dealers can get free T-Mobile prepaid sim cards but you also receive our sales and marketing support to make your store professional as well as help you access new customers more easily.

T-Mobile Monthly 4G Banners – Just decorate your store with T-Mobile banners so your customers will know that you are selling T-Mobile Prepaid. The T-Mobile monthly 4G banners are designed to decorate outdoor, so it won’t be affected much by outside elements. There are eye holes so you can easily hang it on so your customers can easily see information about T-Mobile monthly 4G on the banner.


T-Mobile Monthly 4G Posters - Our T-Mobile Prepaid posters are  in both English and Spanish with all the information related to T-Mobile prepaid promotions to be clearly displayed.


T-Mobile Monthly 4G Fliers and Brochures – Our fliers and brochures help your customers have a basic understanding about T-Mobile prepaid products so they can easily make decision. Information related to phones, price, customer  service and the service’s benefit will be displayed on the fliers and brochures so users can comfortable read them at home.


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T-Mobile Prepaid Start-up

By becoming a VIP Premium T Mobile dealer, not only can you order free T-Mobile sim cards but you can also get T-Mobile prepaid floor display to hold T-Mobile prepaid phones and sim cards. The Preferred Prepaid will also provide you with full instructions so it doesn’t take you too much time to build your T-Mobile Prepaid start-up.

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