Q:What is The Preferred Prepaid?

The Preferred Prepaid is a web based portal for retailers to purchase refill PINs for the leading prepaid carriers in the United States.

With The Preferred Prepaid you can pull top-up PINs for T-Mobile prepaid, Simple Mobile, Page Plus, h2o Wireless, Boost Mobile, Red Pocket, AT&T prepaid, Verizon prepaid and many more!

Q: What is AutoRefill?

AutoRefill is our exclusive system that allows customers to have their monthly prepaid service automatically debited from their credit or debit card.

When a retailer signs up a customer for AutoRefill, the store will earn commission each month their customers use AutoRefill. This allows stores to hold onto their customers without having to worry about them going someplace else and losing their business. Once enrolled for AutoRefill, customers don’t have to go back to the store each month and never have to worry about their phone getting disconnected.

Q:What are the discount rates for PINs on The Preferred Prepaid ?

The Preferred Prepaid offers excellent rates on all of the PINs we offer. For detailed information on rates for all of our carriers please contact us for more information.