Clearwire Activation Steps

Clearwire Activation Steps

Clearwire Activation


Clearwire Clearwire Activation Steps

The Preferred Prepaid not only brings you a good chance to become a Clear dealer but also helps you become a professional dealer, who satisfy customers by offering fast and professional services.


Capturing all the  Clearwire activation steps to do a Clearwire activation for your customer is the most important thing that every Clearwire dealer should do. Here is the simple and easy-to-follow Clear activation instruction to help you do a wholesale Clearwire activation quickly.


Clearwire Activation Steps


Step 1- Start a new order:


Go to from Internet Explorer to log in with your username and password.When you come to a new screen allowing you to start the Clearwire activation, click on the START NEW ORDER button.


Step 2 – Qualify the addres:


Input your customer address, including street address and zip code of the area where they will use Clearwire and click “Continue”.


Step 3 – CINR Score:


Let the customers see the CINR score, which symbolize for the internet experience at their  service address. This is a very important step to help customer knows what to expect with Clearwire internet.


  • Click on the CINR score to show customers the CINR score at their address.
  • The score above 10 would provide the best internet service.


Step 4 – Select Plan:


Choose the Residential Plan that your customer want, then click on the drop-down menu at the right side to choose the device. After your customer is sure about his/her choice, click on “Select”.


Step 5- Set up equipment:


Confirm your Agent information first, then scroll down the Hardware 1 section and fill in the box the MAC ID for the device that your customer choose. Click Continue


Step 6:


Input your customer’s personal information, including Name, Company, Day Phone Number, Evening Phone Number and Email Address.


Create an account username for the customer, then click “Continue”.


Step 7- Billing:


Credit Card Billing: Click on the Recurring Payment method drop down menu to choose Credit Card, then scroll down and fill in below fields with card information (Full Name of the owner, Card Number and Security Code) and the billing address, which can be the same or different from the service address. When you are done, click Continue


Cash Billing: Choose Cash in the drop down menu of the Recurring payment method. Click Continue and you will come to another screen letting you review stored order. If everything is ok, tick on the right check box, then click Place Order


You have completed the Clear activation for your new customers. This Clearwire activation process is not difficult at all, right? We hope you will do more and more wholesale clearwire activation for customers to gain big profit and become a successful Clear dealer

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