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Sign up with The Preferred Prepaid to become a Virgin Mobile dealer so you could offer your customers Virgin Mobile wholesale refill cards. Besides providing you all the necessary means to set up and become a success with our 20 years of experience in this industry, The Preferred Prepaid also assures to offer you with some of the most reasonable rates in this field to gain more profit when you become a Virgin Mobile Dealer.


Become a Prepaid Wireless Dealer to The Preferred Prepaid today. Become a Virgin Mobile master dealer to join this attractive carrier. Introduce Virgin Mobile Prepaid Plans to your customers, offer them Virgin Mobile Prepaid cards or prepaid pins refill cards and see your revenue increase remarkably. Besides offering Virgin Mobile wholesale refill cards and prepaid cards, the Preferred Prepaid also offers refill cards for many other carriers. Join us to reach a whole new customer base and enjoy new revenue streams.


Why Virgin Mobile?


Virgin Mobile was established in 2002 as an MVNO of Sprint network and later became a wholly owned subsidiary of Sprint when this carrier bought Virgin Mobile in 2009. Virgin Mobile offers  rather cheap cell phones (begins at $9.99) with many features like color screen, camera,  and full keyboard so its users can choose a good one that fits their needs.


Virgin Mobile’s plans are also easy to use and fit various needs of customers. Heavy data and messaging users can choose Beyond Talk plans, which provide unlimited message, email, web and data, plus big amount of minutes per month for comfortably calling, including $35 plan for 300 minutes, $45 for 1200 minutes and $55 will allows users to talk unlimitedly.


In addition, Virgin Mobile also has payLo plans for those who need lots of minute and message each month at $20 for 90 days and 20 cents per minute; $20 for 400 minutes per month and $30 for  1500 minutes per month. The Preferred Prepaid offers you Prepaid cards and Refills for all of Virgin Mobile plans available.


Virgin Mobile offers you:


  • No credit check and annual contract
  • Free activation fee
  • Professional and easy-to-reach customer service
  • Numbers of ringtones, games, screensavers and wallpapers to download – starts at $1 each
  • No roaming  charge
  • Caller ID, Voicemail and Call waiting
  • International calls – starts at 15 cents/minute
  • Directory support -411: $1.75 per minute, plus airtime fee


Payment Options


Users can conveniently purchase a Virgin Mobile refill cards at any Virgin Mobile dealer store or choose to be automatically refilled by registering credit cards, debit cards or Paypal account.


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Why The Preferred Prepaid will make you a Success?

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Virgin Mobile has earned good reputation as a brand that adapt to most of youth interest and lifestyle and becoming a partner of The Preferred Prepaid to offer prepaid wholesale sim cards and Virgin Mobile prepaid cards and refills is a good start to join this interesting carrier.


We will supply you our valuable marketing materials to access new customers. Besides, we also offer the necessary means to make your customer stay, including the simple all-in-one portal to get customers in and out quickly as well as the Pin Portal, which is a good way to offer Virgin Mobile wholesale refill cards to customers.


Join The Preferred Prepaid today to become a Virgin Mobile master dealer, provide your customers great Virgin Mobile products and services and earn attractive profits!


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Price Talk Text Data
$55 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
$45 1200 Minutes Unlimited Unlimited
$35 300 Minutes Unlimited Unlimited

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