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The Preferred Prepaid is a trustworthy source to become a Verizon Prepaid dealer to offer your customers Verizon Prepaid wholesale refill cards. Besides providing you all the necessary means to set up and become a success with our 20 years of experience in this industry. The Preferred Prepaid also offers you some of the most reasonable rates in this field to enjoy more profit when you become a Verizon Prepaid dealer.


Become a Prepaid Wireless Dealer to The Preferred Prepaid today to become a Verizon Prepaid master dealer. Introduce Verizon Prepaid Plans to your customers, offer them Verizon Prepaid Prepaid cards or prepaid pins refill cards and see your revenue increase remarkably. Besides offering Verizon Prepaid wholesale refill cards and prepaid cards, the Preferred Prepaid also offers refill cards for many other carriers. Join us to reach a whole new customer base and enjoy new revenue streams.


Why Verizon Prepaid?


Verizon Wireless is the biggest wireless carrier in the US with more than 100 million subscribers. This carrier is also the second carrier in the US launching LTE network. Not only bringing customer Pay-as-you-go and monthly prepaid plan, Verizon Prepaid also offers postpaid plan with very low rate increase. Besides providing professional customer service that is available for customers 24/7, Verizon Prepaid also brings its users chances to possess great phones with different prices and features, including features phone, smartphone and even BlackBerry phones.


Verizon Prepaid has both  daily plan and monthly plan so users can choose according to their needs. Users can choose to pay 25 cents onlyfor each minute they talk  or choose to pay 99 cents per day and enjoy talking at 10 cents/minute and heavy voice users can choose to pay $1.99 to talk without limit. Besides convenient pay-as-you-go plan, Verizon Prepaid also has 3G monthly plans for smartphone, in which users can either choose to pay $44.99 per month to have 450 minutes or $64.99 for 900 minutes or pay $74.99 for unlimited minutes. The Preferred Prepaid offers you Prepaid cards and Refill cards for all of Verizon Prepaid plans.


  • Professional 24/7 customer service
  • No requirement of contract and credit check
  • Message: 20 cents per one (both sent and received)
  • Download almost anything you want
  • International callings – starts at 29 cent per minute, plus airtime
  • 3-way calling, call forwarding, call waiting and caller ID
  • No extra fee for long distance call within the country
  • Directory support -411: $1.49 per call, plus airtime


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Why The Preferred Prepaid will make you a Success?

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The Preferred Prepaid is not only a reliable source of  Verizon Prepaid prepaid cards and refills but also your Verizon Prepaid Dealer specialist. If you become a Verizon prepaid dealer, we will offer our valuable marketing materials to easily help introduce Verizon Prepaid’s products to new customer as well as offer necessary tools to help you provide great products and service from Verizon Prepaid to customers and make them want to stay.


The Preferred Prepaid assure to turn you into the most  efficient dealer with our Pin Portal, a simple and easy-to-use solution to offer customers prepaid wholesale sim cards and Verizon Prepaid wholesale refill cards as well as all-in-one portal to get customers in and out quickly. Great bonus and monthly residual checks are what The Preferred Prepaid promises our dealers-partners.


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