Become a Simple Mobile Dealer

Become a Simple Mobile Dealer

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Become a Simple Mobile Dealer

There are great opportunities for a Simple Mobile authorized dealer in the prepaid cellular industry. The wireless industry earns $200 billion per year and is expected to grow to $400 billion by 2014.  Studies have shown that 65% of this growth will be in the Prepaid Wireless Industry.  That means there will be 25 million customers switching to prepaid wireless in the next 12 months.


Sign up Now to Become a Simple Mobile Dealer and use our Simple Mobile Pins to refill your customers accounts.

Why Simple Mobile?

Simple Mobile is a highly recognizable brand in the industry. By signing up with The Preferred Prepaid, you will become a Simple dealer who will represent to clients Simple Mobile Prepaid and all their benefits including:
Simple Mobile Logo Become a Simple Mobile Dealer

  • Competitive Plans
  • Affordable Rates
  • Nationwide 4G service
  • No binding contract


Simple Mobile earned a reputable status as Prepaid Wireless Carrier in the industry. Align yourself with this new brand today by signing up to become a simple mobile dealer!

What is the earnings potential of a Simple Mobile Dealer?

industry exclusive bonuses Become a Simple Mobile Dealer

$24.50 expected earnings per Simple Mobile activation on a $50 plan.


Dealer Pay Structure: $24.50 Expected Earnings

  • Activation Fee: Sign Up Now!
  • 1st Refill ?%: Sign Up Now!


Sign-Up to Become a Simple Mobile Dealer and Enjoy Exclusive Benefits!

You can earn over $26,460 Per Year

Activate 3 Simple Mobile accounts per day and you will earn $26,460 per year.

The VIP Program will give you the Tools to Earn

The VIP Program, exclusive to The Preferred Prepaid, will give you all the support and tools to be a success.


  • Free Unlimited SIM Cards for 12 Months
  • Free Shipping on SIM Cards and Marketing Material
  • All-In-One VIP Portal for Activations
  • Custom Floor Display, Posters, Brochures, and Banners
  • 24/7 Activation Call Center
  • Dedicated VIP Support
  • $15,000 Line of Credit for buying PIN Refills
  • VIP Discount on Phones

Become a Simple Mobile Dealer today!

Why should you become a Simple Mobile Dealer?

As a Simple Mobile Dealer, you can earn more as the number of customers requesting for Simple Mobile service continues to rise. Simple Mobile has industry leading plans and aggressive marketing campaign that create awareness among prepaid wireless subscribers.

Why The Preferred Prepaid will make you a Success?

The Preferred Prepaid and our Simple Mobile Authorized Dealers are Partners. We only make money, when you make money. We have been a leader in the industry for many years. We have learned a lot and have created tools and programs to ensure success.


Once you become a prepaid wireless dealer and gain access to The Pin Portal for prepaid wireless refills, you will have all the tools to support your Prepaid Wireless offerings. To help our dealers succeed, we offer free prepaid wholesale sim cards to all of our VIP Dealers.


As a partner with The Preferred Prepaid you will succeed because:

sign up now Become a Simple Mobile Dealer

  • we have 20 years of industry experience
  • time tested sales and marketing support
  • you will earn monthly residual checks
  • we offer industry exclusive bonuses

Sign Up with The Preferred Prepaid Now to Become a Simple Mobile Dealer!

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