Become a H2O Unlimited Dealer

Become a H2O Unlimited Dealer

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Choose The Preferred Prepaid to become an H2O unlimited dealer and enjoy privileges from doing business with a recognized company.


  • All-In-One VIP Portal for Activations
  • Visibility Reports for Spiffs, Residuals, and Bonuses
  • 24/7 Activation Call Center
  • Dedicated VIP Support
  • Exclusive Bonus Program
  • $15,000 Line of Credit for buying PIN Refills

The Preferred Prepaid is a trustworthy source for anyone who wants to become a H2O Unlimited dealer and offer customers H2O Unlimited  wholesale refill cards. Besides providing you all the necessary means to set up your business and become a success through our 20 years of experience in this industry, The Preferred Prepaid also offers H2o Unlimited pins at the most reasonable rates.


Become a Prepaid Wireless Dealer to The Preferred Prepaid today to become a H2O Unlimited master dealer. Join this attractive carrier to be able to introduce H2O Unlimited Prepaid Plans to your customers. Offer them H2O Unlimited Prepaid cards or Refill cards and see your revenue increase remarkably. Besides offering H2O Unlimited wholesale refill cards and prepaid cards, the Preferred Prepaid also offers refill cards for many other carriers. Join us to reach a whole new customer base and see how your revenue streams will increase!


Why H2O Unlimited?


H2O Unlimited Wireless, which was originaly O2 Wireless, belongs to Locus Telecommunications, Inc. Many wireless users choose H2O Unlimited because aside from finding retailers all around the nation; trustworthy services and great products also await them. Users also enjoy attractive benefits without getting bounded by contract or having to pay roaming or activation fee while still getting the privilege to possess a good phone from a diversified phone store.


H2O Wireless Plans


H2O Unlimited pins provide its users with numerous plans to make sure that choices can be made according to their demands.


Pay-As-You-Go Plans


Pay-as-you-go plans are easy and convenient to use. With denominations starting from $10 for 30 days usage and 80 minutes of airtime, users can buy a refill card at any store whenever the phone runs out of minutes. The Preferred Prepaid also provides H2O unlimited pins refill cards for all of H2O Wireless Plans.


Unlimited Plans


The Preferred Prepaid provides H2O Unlimited Prepaid Cards and Refill Cards. Those who want to enjoy endless use of minutes can choose Unlimited Plans, which offer a whole month of unlimited talking and messaging. 


H2O Unlimited Wireless brings you:


  • Reliable, simple and easy-to-use plans
  • High-speed internet
  • Widespread scope
  • No annual contracts, no activation fee and no hidden fees
  • Voicemail, caller ID, call waiting
  • Easy-to-contact and professional customer service

Why The Preferred Prepaid will make you a Success?sign up now Become a H2O Unlimited Dealer


The Preferred Prepaid assure to be a good supply for H2O Unlimited prepaid cards and prepaid pins refills.  You will find our Pin Portal a good and convenient way to provide your customers H2O Unlimited wholesale refill cards, and all-in-one portal is extremely easy to get customers in or out quickly. Good knowledge from our marketing materials will help you access new customer more easily. Become an H2O Unlimited authorized dealer today and you will see how your income increase from our exclusive bonus and monthly residual checks.


Contact us today to become a H2O Unlimited master dealer.


H2O Unlimited Dealer Become a H2O Unlimited Dealer

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