Auto Refill

Auto Refill

Lock in your customers and earn residuals.

Ask any prepaid dealer and they will tell you that the key to success is being able to build a base of customers and keeping them. However, with more stores offering prepaid refills and carriers now accepting direct refill payments it is becoming harder to keep and build your client base. This is why we created AutoRefill!


shutterstock 86160289 225x300 Auto RefillIndustry Exclusive “AutoRefill” Your Customer’s Account Every Month

With AutoRefill your customer can have their credit or debit card automatically charged for their monthly prepaid service. Once they are enrolled with Auto Refill they never have to worry about paying for their prepaid service and you won’t have to worry about losing your customers.


Signing up your customers for AutoRefill is quick and easy with The Preferred Prepaid. Just follow the Sign Up Auto Refill link in your portal, enter the customers billing information what prepaid plan they are on and what day of the month they need their account refilled. Lastly, print out the AutoRefill agreement, sign it and have the customer sign it and then either upload it into the system or you can email it or fax it to us.


Easy One-Step Process and You will Earn Monthly Commissions

Once you start enrolling your customers with AutoRefill we will send a commission check each month for all of the auto refill activity on their accounts.


We Handle the Process and Just Send You Checks

Click here to watch our AutoRefill Tutorial video.


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