Airvoice Wireless: Now With Auto Refill From Your Credit or Debit Card

Airvoice Wireless: Now With Auto Refill From Your Credit or Debit Card

Airvoice Wireless has finally made it that much easier for subscribers to refill their prepaid phones. By allowing subscribers to tie in their credit or debit card to their mobile phone, Airvoice Wireless can now have their subscribers refill their phones when they want with the amount they want.


Although auto refills are fairly common in the prepaid market, its introduction into Airvoice Wireless is a pretty big deal. As an AT&T MVNO, Airvoice Wireless has one of the cheapest value plans on market. The $10 nabs you up to 500 text messages or 250 minutes of voice minutes. This is aside from access to its MMS and data services.


Unfortunately, one of the biggest stumbling blocks of the $10 deal (along with Airvoice Wireless’ other value plans) is the 30 days expiration on existing prepaid balance. Once the 30 days are up, all remaining balance is invalidated, no matter how much of it is actually left.

However, Airvoice does allow for some leeway by giving 30 day extension as soon as the phone is refilled. As soon as your phone is topped up, your remaining balance is rolled over to the next 30 days.


The problem here is that once the phone is topped out, the 30 day extension begins to tick down immediately, and not once the original 30 days are over. So in order to maximize the lifespan of a single refill, subscribers need to be able to load their phones right on the 30th day of their plan. Any sooner will waste them days of allotted service, and any later will invalidate any remaining balance that they have. This becomes especially tricky if you begin refill in the middle of the month and find yourself doing an odd amount of mathematics to make sure your 30 days are still in check.


While the 30 day extension is a lifesaver for any prepaid plan with a deadline, it becomes fairly difficult to keep up appearances if you manually have to refill your phones on a particular day every month (not to mention, the hassle of forgetting to reload your phone on the said day).


Luckily, Airvoice Wireless’ new auto refill service pretty much takes care of that problem.


Now budget-savvy subscribers can get the most out of their prepaid load without having to worry about expiry dates. By simply logging in to the online refill page, subscribers can set up their debit or credit card to transfer funds automatically. Subscribers can also call the Airvoice hotline at 1-888-944-2355 if they’d rather be able to setup their auto refill plans over the phone.


Prepaid dealers of Airvoice Wireless should make it a point to make this service known to potential customers, especially for those who want to be able to avail of Airvoice’s competitive rates but are turned off by the inability to refill on the fly.


It should be noted that the auto refill feature isn’t just limited to the $10 value plan of course. It’s compatible with the other prepaid plans under Airvoice Wireless including their Pay As You Go plan, $30 Unlimited Talk and Text and Data plans.


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